Q: How are all of these historical events relevant to what's going on today?

A: Sometimes you'll find that Robert is much of a historian, because it's by studying the past that we can see the future. Understanding the past helps create the future we want and deserve. Together we’ll look back on history, and in doing so, gain insight into the future.

Unfortunately, as Warren Buffet says, "The one thing we have learned from history is that humans fail to learn from history." Hopefully, this book will help alleviate some of that folly.

Q: How do you plan to make money off of this?

A: Making a profit off of this book is not the reason this project was started. Robert is writing this book to continue to do what he's already started with Rich Dad Poor Dad, to provide financial education to individuals around the world. In that this is uncharted territory, it became apparent that the messages and the teachings in the book could not wait for traditional publishing timelines and timetables, so he wanted to bring it online, for free.

Q: How will I receive credit?

A: If you contribute to the book discussion in the Discussion forum, your contribution may or may not be used in the final published book. If it is, we plan to include your name in the book credits. Of course, you can remain anonymous if you choose to — you can make that choice when you register for the site. All contributions on the site will be considered for the published book.

Q: Is the book going to be published?

A: Yes. After its interactive development stage on the Internet, the plan is to have the book published, and include contributions from site members. Tentatively, you can look for the book to be published in Fall/Winter of 2009. Once it is published, it will no longer be available online. If you are a registered member of the site, you will be notified when the book is available for purchase.

Q: Now that I’ve read the book, what’s next?

A: If you haven’t already, it’s time to start taking control of your financial future, and improve your financial literacy. That’s the first step. Visit RichDad.com for more.

Q: What inspired you to write about this topic?

A: There’s no time left for bad advice. Many of us are out of the asset called ‘time.’ When the stock market plummeted 900 points in two days following the election of Barack Obama, a message was sent. It was clear and simple: the rules of money have changed.
Someone needs to take a look at these rules, and shed light on the conspiracy that made the financial system and our economy the way it is today. An understanding of the system will enable people to take control of their financial futures.

Q: What kind of feedback and contributions are you looking for?

A: The book, and this site are meant to address the questions and issues that are on everyone’s mind currently, so that the book and the advice it contains is as relevant and helpful as possible. Robert is looking for readers to challenge thoughts, ask questions, and create relevant feedback as they read and review the site. Constructive, collaborative feedback benefits everyone.

Q: When are the new chapters posted?

A: New chapter postings will be updated on a regular basis. If you’ve registered for the site, you will receive an email notification every time a new chapter is posted to the site.

Q: Where are your facts from?

A: Robert is the consummate student who is reading and learning on an ongoing basis. Books referenced in his work will range from bestsellers to little known self published titles, news sources, etc. All historical facts, references and citations will be included in the final printed version of the book.

Q: Where can I learn more?

A: The lessons and information provided in this book are meant to be just a start for people to learn about the financial systems around us. Hopefully, this learning will give people the motivation to take control of their financial futures. If you're ready for more, visit RichDad.com for other information and financial education tools.

Q: Why do I need to provide personal info for credit?

A: To accurately include you as a collaborator in the book development process, we ask for your full name, city, state, country and contact information. If we include your contribution in the book, you may be credited for your comments, unless you choose to remain anonymous.

Q: Why is this book free?

A: Robert is offering Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money to the public for free because he hears and feels the same things you do. We are all angry, frustrated and afraid. Many people helpless, and at the mercy of decision makers who may not have our best interests at heart — and, even if they do, may or may not be able to right this economic ship. This is the best time to further your financial education, and what better way to do it than with a free book?

Q: Will my contributions be included in the book?

A: If you have opted-in to have your site contributions included in the book, they may be included in the final, printed version, along with potential credit for your contribution, if you provide us with that information in the site registration process. If you haven’t, be sure to provide your information in your Member Profile Page.

Q: Will reading this book make me rich?

A: This book is not a 'magic pill.' And, if it were... it would be a bitter pill indeed. Because making change isn’t easy. Investing time in your financial education — your future — isn't easy. But you can do it if you choose to.