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JodyinNZ - 5/31/2009 4:24:41 AM
Words create world
What I think, believe and voice manifests. When my integrity is out, so to are the results. When my integrity is in, miracles happen with ease and grace.

Carpark: carpark is present
Money: money is present
Love: love is present

The power of word/language is one of God's greatest gifts to humanity!

Each day you and I wake, you and I choose!

Body, Mind and Spirit creates world!
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robertorgonzalez - 5/31/2009 6:07:35 AM
how have words and your understanding of them impacted
I can speak for myself, very badly - as a migrant immigrant work born in the 50's, my education was less than anything close to perfect., but I made it thru 12 years of school, no college, I chose the military...the carelessness of my not reading books at a young age has impacted me in the way I lived my life, yes, I've been poor but have inched my way up the ladder, that today I'm now at 54, I'm much more better situtated in the understanding and mastery command of the English language... I have long to go still but it's the right direction, the thanks to very special people like you Robert that has really change me for what I am now becoming.. following your teachings and getting out the rat race which I'm still in - but making big big efforts to change, and all because of your books and siminars - I can only truely look forward to someday (someday) meeting you in person just to hug and pat you shake your hand ...and on the back with the highest respect one deserves..you have difinately impacted my pea brain...
-Core- - 5/31/2009 5:12:00 PM
Words and Finances
"Becoming More Powerful

How have words and your understanding of them impacted your life and your finances?"

It hasn't affected me in any direct way so far. (I am still very young)

School caused me to despise education and learning.

Thanks to a manager who took the time to introduce me to your books Mr.Kiyosaki, and thanks to me taking action, I have developed a whole new out look on learning, on education, on money, and on businessmen and women and on money in general

I have come to love learning and studying and improving myself. I know now the difference between an asset and liability. (I tried to explain this to the mayor of my city, when he talked about buying a exercise place with tax payer money.. this exercise/fitness center was not making a profit..and was basically a black hole for money if they way they operated does not change)

Anyways.. yeah he thought he knew more about money that I did. I still disagree with his decision, and as a constituent, I'll prove that by voting.

Anyways, I have yet to develop a opportunity to where I can use my financial education. But one is in progress and going to come to fruition.
ADEJO - 6/1/2009 1:22:48 PM
Words are very very powerful and that is why tongue is the most dangerous part of our body. With words we can make or mar any situation. Every thing on earth is being created with the power of word.
There is a saying which goes: Pen is mightier than sword, which states that words, either written or verbal is very very powerful and kill easier than sword.

I have come to realize and to understand the power of word. I have lots of instances that I can easily point to where word has impacted my life and my finances greatly. There are things I prophesied on myself and before I could know it they have come to pass.

Words are very important and powerful and we should always use them positively and to our own advantage.
thecrest - 6/1/2009 3:13:45 PM
Impact of words
Words materialise thoughts, reinforce existing ideas, implant new ideas, create feelings and energy which attract the "Cosmos" (as I call it so nobody gets uptight, "God" if you like, whatever your thing) to deliver. And deliver it does - in spades. So much so, I have to be careful what I wish for. Last year, a Methodist Church minister in NSW Australia asked me if I had any religion to follow. I said I don't visit churches since God is everywhere, so just live it really, and I'm careful what I ask for. He asked why. I said the reason is - provided I have already done everything possible myself toward a goal, and that goal is a win for all concerned, and I ask the cosmos for help with pure motives and a pure heart, then stand back and clear the loading dock because the cosmos really delivers.
He had to go somewhere quickly. That's OK. Now I shorten my little saying these days to "The Cosmos delivers if you know how to place the order".
Thoughts and feelings are the power, words express them and enable us to share them with others.
willios88 - 6/2/2009 4:09:36 AM
Words are critical
I believe words are critical to who we are and where we are going. I didnt always think that but I am starting to realize and catch myself making a small and steady shift into a whole new world and dimension of what is possible with just a few change in the way we speak. Anything is possible is a reality.
komradt - 6/2/2009 10:14:19 AM
rich dad, poor dad
I've just finished reading your book and it's really fascinating! And i also read the criticism of john reed. It's not good but it made your book more understandable. John Reed 'lives by the book' because he thinks the world is in 'pages'.My dad is a poor dad and he saves a lot. It's something but not enough. Probably, he bought your books because he does not really want us to be like him, hard work and tax eats it. Memory works more when you are in school and when you've got a job it binds you from more important things in life. My dad never came to any of our school activities and it sucks.
I'll start reading your other books and hopefully start discussing it too!
Manuel Alvarado - 6/2/2009 3:40:25 PM
How have words impacted my life and my finances?
I want to say that reading Robert's books has helped me to be aware of how important what we say is. Definitely what we say is a boomerang because sooner or later it comes back to us. Since I began reading Robert Kiyosakis' books I began to control the thoughts I had and as a result the words I said, so I started to replace the negative words for positive words until it becomes flesh. By doing this I have gained more control of my personal finances as well as my personal life.
I am aware that it's not an easy task, but I believe I am in the way to get my financial independence that's why I do want to thank Robert for his inmense help and significant contribution to improve my personal and financial life through his superb books and phylosophy. Thanks again Robert!!!
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jruddinib - 6/2/2009 6:14:58 PM
Becoming more powerful with money
Be careful of Greed, that is what can ultimatly get a person in alot of trouble and sometimes even in jail. As you learn more about money, be more responsible with your money as well. Take an account of where you are placing your money and ask yourself before you place it there, is this the wisest thing to do with this money? By thew ay, If you want to learn more about money we are about to send out our Free Monthly Cashflow Tips Newsletter for June at www.HowMoneyReallyWorks.com Take a look, you will learn some good stuff about money as well.
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MCMUG - 6/3/2009 3:32:32 AM
I have Financial & Time freedom. Because I do not work, I have interest income to cover insurance expenses. The second, I have a plenty of time, I want to do things.

I meet a lot of ES quadrant friends, they dedicate them time to company to work. They work in the early morning, until the latest evening. Sometimes they work on holiday.

The currently, I work on 2 hours Mon to Fri. On Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday is my holiday, I'm not to work.

I hope at 40 years old, I'll live in New Zealand to realize a native of culture.

If you any opinion, send me:
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