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tarzan - 6/16/2009 12:07:42 PM
The use of words in a paradigm shift has redirected my thoughts and the ways I do things and interpret systems and situations. What's clear to say an engineer is totally different to say a biologist or an economist. It also shifts how we view things and dissect what's going on. If I don't understand something from one perspective, I ask a person who is an expert in that area to illustrate and explain how that approach panned out. By experts I mean who have success in that field and know how to apply that approach.
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Dvera2 - 6/18/2009 11:17:14 PM
I usually hear people complaining about the country we live in, this is a land of no oportunities, nobody can pretend to become rich in this times, when are you going to get a secure job and etc. I learnd to use positive words always and this is my first step on "the rich man i will be" stairs.
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firewizard - 6/20/2009 2:20:11 AM
The Power of Words
Words are a reflection of your attitude, your attitude is a reflection of your beliefs, and your beliefs determine your results. When we consciously change the words we use; we begin to change our attitude, our beliefs, and therefore our results. Compare someone who is financially poor to someone who is financially rich. The poor person will often say the word "can't." Listen for how often the rich person uses that word. It's not even part of their vocabulary. Financially rich people understand their choice of words is very, very important to the outcome of their lives.....why doesn't everyone?
ELVIRA - 6/20/2009 3:22:08 AM
Power of Words
Words are powerful. Life and death are in the power of our tongues.
Positive words will create a positive results,just as negative words will create negative results. Words are containers. They carry faith,or fear, and they produce after their kind. I believe when knowledge is present attitudes and mindsets are changed for the better. Because You are what you think. Because of my lack of knowledge in finances many mistakes was made in my investments, savings, and spending that probably will take a long time to recover due to the state of the economy. However,the economy can't take away the knowledge I have gain from reading your books and playing the game you offer. I can proudly say the only place left for me now is up! because I have a new attitude and a new perspective on life. Learning how to take control over my own situation,regardless of the state of the economy. Believing that I can and will make a different,not only in my live ,but in the lives of others as I share what I have learned..
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sideways - 6/21/2009 10:40:32 PM
How have words impacted your life and your finances?
More than it seems, the use of words appears to have had an impact on whether people took me very seriously. Words helped me define my aspirations quite a lot, although most other people responded to more basic things.

A word in defense of someone's rights, or the responsibility of the society to uphold them, seem to have accomplished more than an explanation of my own most fervent dreams or wishes (I still believe words can heal you physically...).

Over time, it occured to me there was a relationship. Things began to become easier. I had been very quiet about most of the things I wanted, and still tend to be quiet unless it makes a good bit of sense.

You have done quite a lot to help me recognize that various areas of literacy , particularly financial literacy, are important.

dbgopolang - 6/26/2009 7:14:35 AM
How have words changed my life?
I realised words are like input 'signals' that command and instruct the human soul how to function. Before realising that I was often astounded at why the bible always put so much emphasis on words and thoughts.When I changed my thought life and words, to my suprise even my health benefited, my mental dispositin was completerly altered and soon I found myself not longer in conflict with life or other people. The scales fell from my eyes.
RichAum2007 - 6/26/2009 10:55:58 AM
impact of words in our life
When i look backwards towards my life, ijust realise that how much correctly words are imacting our lif. I strongly reccomend Nobel Prize Foundation to Nominate Mr Robert for His Work
tenctylvr - 6/30/2009 4:30:31 PM
Can you give me some detail about financial education being deleted by the educational system? What exactly happened in 1904? Fascinating topic.
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josh.rich26 - 7/8/2009 4:58:25 AM
From the 3rd World
Coming and growing up, for the most part of my life in a 3rd world nation, is hampering. It's all true. All the quams about the education system in relation to the financial vocabulary.

Many people around me and I myself at times talk down to ourselves, or allow other people to talk down to us. Making us believe that staying in a straight line is the way to go. Thinking our of the box is risky.

But as I can still remember, I always didn't want to stay within the mold and kept feeding my mind with that which is rich. Though my family had a strong spiritual background, we still lay prey to poverty and victim mentality... and so were our words.

I can contrast my dad who was always afraid about investing since it was risky with my uncle who pursued entrepreneurship. My uncle is now more financially capable than my dad who was too afraid of taking calculated risks.

A I know grew up in a more positive spiritual family (of my choice), we are always encouraged to keep positively declaring our vision for that which matters to what we believe in.
Out of that, I was able to finally fully engage my creative mind in developing ideas that can turn into money that will in turn buy other assets. My words further transformed and has transformed me and my percepts.

Im now working on my own food business, in it's testing phase with more plans to develop other assets, in a diversified market online and offline. My words and understanding of "The Word became flesh," has a new meaning and impact. I've read that phrase since childhood, but never really fully undestood the other practical side of that statement.

Thanks Robert for taking theology into practicology. Im a fan and a co-advocate in my nation - for now.
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akennard - 7/14/2009 6:04:28 PM
How words and my understanding of them have impacted my life:
Words relate to ideas. And my understanding of the invisible world of ideas, that controls all of our lives, started when I first started reading you books, starting with Rich Dad Poor Dad.

It was then that I released that there are two sides to every transaction. I noticed for example, how easily we are lured into buying lifestyle enhancements (like cars) that are visible and give us pleasure. But we are not educated about the significance of the invisible side of the equation – the financial agreement that made having the enhancement possible.

The novelty of the enhancement soon wears off, but the detrimental effects of the financial (debt) agreement go on for as long as the contract of debt is set up for.

That is basically how people make themselves long-term slaves of creditors (banks and finance companies). By continually keeping themselves in debt for things that make them poorer.

Once I understood, through the power of words, how the invisible world of money worked, I was able to make much smarter decisions about my finances. I wasn’t duped into turning my hard-earned cash into trash. This has made a big difference to my family and me.
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