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akennard - 7/14/2009 6:05:42 PM
How words and my understanding of them have impacted my life:
Words relate to ideas. And my understanding of the invisible world of ideas, that controls all of our lives, started when I first started reading you books, starting with Rich Dad Poor Dad.

It was then that I released that there are two sides to every transaction. I noticed for example, how easily we are lured into buying lifestyle enhancements (like cars) that are visible and give us pleasure. But we are not educated about the significance of the invisible side of the equation – the financial agreement that made having the enhancement possible.

The novelty of the enhancement soon wears off, but the detrimental effects of the financial (debt) agreement go on for as long as the contract of debt is set up for.

That is basically how people make themselves long-term slaves of creditors (banks and finance companies). By continually keeping themselves in debt for things that make them poorer.

Once I understood, through the power of words, how the invisible world of money worked, I was able to make much smarter decisions about my finances. I wasn’t duped into turning my hard-earned cash into trash. This has made a big difference to my family and me.
J0sie - 7/21/2009 5:31:47 AM
Sticks and Stones may break you bones but Words will hurt more
I spent the last decade of my life trying to recover from the words I heard over a four year period. "Would you like to save 10% on that purchase by applying for a credit card?" "Student loan debt is a good debt." "Every parent should have life insurance. This whole life policy will provide security." I did all the things society said to make me a success. I went to college and grad school. I got a good job. I volunteered and did what's right. Still I could not afford much and the debts appeared to grow. Not a single time did I hear words which would have made my situation better. So now, not only have a been living the wrong way, but my actions influenced my daughter to think like a middle class person too. The other day she told me she did not want to own her own business. A job was better b/c she would not have the stress of being in charge. I wanted to scream. I'm making up for lost time. So much to fix, in what feels like so little time. Thank goodness for these types of books and discussion forums. Once you have become enlightened, you cannot hide in the darkness anymore. So while those past words hurt, Mr. Kiyosaki's words heal.
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KelvinIsaac - 7/21/2009 5:32:21 PM
Chapter 8 - Becoming more powerful
It's only over the past 18 months or so I'm learning you become the words you speak. And this even includes the words heard in one's environment.

Believe it or not, words have influece. I'm disassociating myself from the negative chatter to an environment of positive words and behavior.

With finances, I started my own network marketing business.

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ruthieagbayani - 7/23/2009 8:31:15 AM
Impact on Life & Finances
Prior to attaining financial education through Authors as Suze Orman, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, and many others, I had no idea about where my life was going and I had no idea how to understand my finances.

All I knew was that you need to work to earn money. I am a hard-worker, but I didn't like working in environments where someone was always watching over me and telling me what to do. A few times, my mentality was that I could start work late or anytime I wanted because I worked hard, fast, efficient, and stayed late.
I wanted to be a nurse, but my mom didn't want me to go away for college. She wanted me close to her. I alsowanted to be an entrepreneur, but I didn't know what kind of business-owner. I want to Business College, but I didn't know what to major in. So my mom picked accounting, but I didn't like it because I didn't understand it.

I've worked with a distribution company, a garage door installation company, in food service companies, in the retail industry, in the night club industry, and in various health care fields. I've also tried vaccuum cleaner sales, sales & distribution of MLM products, insurance & financial products sales, communication services sales.

I got married and I was blessed with a husband who wanted to take care of me. We were blessed with a beautiful child. And life was grand because I was content with my blessings. But then...my husband was feeling frustrated because we were not financially going anywhere, thus he challenged me in "wanting more." So as a family, we embarked on opening a home-based business caring for the elderly and disabled. But even with his income as a carpenter and our income from my self-employment, I felt there were still a lot of things missing in our path to financial "independence".

One day, I picked up a book at the bookstore...9 Steps to Financial Freedom by Suze Orman. The first time I started to read her book was the beginning of my financial education. I worked on suggested activities in her workbooks and I applied what I learned. By that knowledge, my husband and I were able to clean up our credit, and understanding the difference between good debt and bad debt, we were establishing good credit history.

The following year, a friend let me read her copy of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. I read all the books in the Rich Dad Series. I yearned for my husband to read the books so we could be on the same page, but he was busy with construction projects, and he told me to go ahead and do what I think was going to help our family. Thus began my business planning by moving from the employee & self-employment quadrant to the business & investment.

Using my financial education, I wanted to renew my accounting & business education by going back to Business College. At the same time, my husband and I took our greatest leap of faith when we purchased our first piece of land. A dream for a carpenter to build his own home, and a dream for a entrepreneur to build & expand her business.
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BCloudWalker - 7/23/2009 6:50:24 PM
Becoming More Powerful
Balance is a very important aspect of life. It is the one quality
that will help people go the distance. The finish line is measured
differently for every individual because the measurements are
based on starting level and capability. For example, the 100 yard
dash is the same distance for an Olympic athlete as it is for an
octogenarian. The only difference is in the time it is run. For
both runners proper training is what helps them go the distance.

Words are as light as air but can have the impact of a sledgehammer.
Words have caused wars (Don't you talk about my mama!)Words
must be chosen carefully for effective communication. Since words
are the most powerful tools invented by human beings, then the
right attitude must be developed to lend strength to those words.
rp71441 - 3/16/2010 3:23:44 AM
Words are powerfull
Words have kept me sad for the past 48yrs. of my life.In 2009 I started reading Rich Dad Poor Dad.I put it down,picked it up again and tentatively began my financial literacy. I am in BAD Debt over my head (that is my husband and I). He is experienced in accounting.
I would like for both of us to be on the same page of our forward movement.I am at home,searching my soul for the type of business I will love to get involved with,but being unsuccessful so far, I am presently caring for my mother and mother-in-law at my home.I pray for financial freedom.I must admit I tell myself it is not my destiny to be rich.So now reading about words being so powerful.To save myself, to save my life the words in my head must change,will change.
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