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petrickrmj - 7/11/2009 9:10:59 PM
An eye-opener
Thanks Robert,

I considered myself quite financially literate before reading your online book, but know I see that almost all of my knowledge is on the E/S side of the ledger. With the stock market treading water and the government printing more money than we, and generations to come can hope to repay, it is time to take control of my financial future as you and your wife (and others) have done. Thank you for your knowledge and products, it is clear they will help me to rapidly move from owning only liabilities to assets.
hectoreduardocastro - 7/11/2009 10:03:39 PM
Conspiracy of the Rich: teaching me to sell...
This “Conspiracy of the Rich” book/site in my opinion is the biggest sales pitch that Robert Kiyosaki has ever thrown, constantly he pitches practically all of he’s RICH DAD company products and services… what do I have to say about that? First tell me, what do you think about this? Please post a reply…
yakolev - 7/12/2009 4:51:28 AM
A Classic indeed
Like great strategists

Kiyosaki have spread one great idea through many ways.

His work have had a great impact over my life since I read "Rich Dad poor Dad" a bit more than 3 years ago.

And this "the conspiracy of the rich" and its' derivatives like the video logs had show how he mastered his mission, making simple to anyone understand complex concepts altough I must to confess that some of them just became sound really clear into my hard head now, reading the lessons on the last chapter and seeing "the everyday cash heist" video.

hennieconradie@yahoo.de - 7/12/2009 4:59:51 AM
Robert - you are the guy who thought me what an asset really is - and that I should purchase assets - NOT liabilities. (If I followed this advise - and not invest for capital gains - I would have been better off today...) I now also understand the difference between capital gains and cashflow thanks to this book! Thank you so much for sharing so much with your readers - may you be RICHLY BLESSED for what you have shared!
AaronC - 7/12/2009 5:09:42 AM
Final Chapter
Thank you for writing this book Robert and also making it avaliable on line prior to release. It is a book that has been a worthwhile read and has value to not only myself and my own financial education but also that of my children. My father started his financial education later in life than what I have and my goal is to start my children's education before they start their teenage years.

The impact that your book as had on my life today is immediate. You have opend my eyes to what banks and governments do not wnat the average citizen to know or understand and provided a planning tool for me and my family to strive towards in gaining financial indipendance.

The key lesson for me is that everything you see and hear from governments and banks is not what it seems - dig deeper to find the real truth behind the financial secrecy and also to be a master of your own financial destiny and don't let others manage your money.

Thank you again.
maryrajam - 7/12/2009 9:29:25 AM
The Conspiracy of the Rich
Thank you very much for alowing us to read this book online. I am working in a telecoms company where there is no union. I used to ask my superiors and managerment about this but no one was able to answer. Only after reading your book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" I understood about why the corporate companies do not allow union.
Now reading about the conspiracy of the rich has opened my eyes again. Some people knew something was wrong with our school education expecially here in Malaysia. They do trained our kids to be good soldiers and to work for people. That is why most people are negative whem it comes to doing their own business. Over the years I have changed my mindset and I prefer to mix with people who think like me. I am still working in a negative environment and I plan to start my business in a few months.
Well Robert you will need to add another chapter on how we can become financial independent.
May God bless you.
vincent.woodhall - 7/12/2009 11:54:12 AM
Banks renege on financial education
Hi Robert

I would like to take this opportunnity to thank you for having the courage to write and publish this book.

I have read most of your back catalogue, and find this latest , Conspiracy of the Rich, to be very educational and though provoking.

I am an American, ex-US Marine, as well, and have been living and working in business in the UK & across Europe now for 16 years.

I am also in the process of writting a novel, based on Conspiracies in the Corporate and Business World, watch this space......

I came across an article in the Financial Times weekend paper (this weekend) titled "Banks renege on financial education"..... I wonder why?

You can read this short article by clicking on below link , I thought you may find it of interest as it is dramatic evidence of what you have been teaching all along.


Thank you again for your courange and tenacity.

Best regards
Vincent J Woodhall
phoenixrising - 7/12/2009 12:13:11 PM
I'm grateful
that you and your team created such a wonderful product online and offered it for free to the whole world. The book project has been an excellent experience for me and opened my eyes in many ways. Thanks again for all the inspiration and your fearless attitude.

One lesson it has taught me is that speculation has no boundaries and that selling it as a dream can really move people.

Valued member
Valued member
davekohler - 7/12/2009 1:29:05 PM
You've Turned Up The Fire ... a Time for Action!
Thank you Robert & Kim!!

Out of the MANY very important books that you've written, 'CONSPIRACY ...' is your most important work! Thank you for exposing the financial futility that most people face (People as Plankton!)

Perhaps the best thing about this are the POSITIVE SOLUTIONS that you share. It's totally futile to fight these 'international bankers', the Fed & our own politicians! But it does make sense to 'catch their wave', so that we are insulated and protected from inflation, taxes and their false promises.

Conspiracy of the Rich is your Magnum Opus!

Thanks again!

Dave & Lisa
cwachniak - 7/12/2009 3:23:04 PM
What I have learned from your books is:
I am a mother of 8,grandmother of 4, I have set up corporations,LLC's LTD-PS, created trademarks, copyrights, branding and created a patent- to create my own money.We started out with the Amway Corp as IBO's 1998 and the training system created by International Leadership Development Inc. Jack Daughery of Spokane Washington.
I am Chairman and Co-Founder of the Educational Foundation for the Children of Fiji 501c3
Building a $70 Million Dollar
"ALL GREEN State of the Art" school campus in Fiji.

This school Centre of Excellence will be the flagship of the South Pacific.
The principal, Mr. Apenisa Kurisaqila from the Nadroga Navosa Provincial High school would read a chapter a day to the children during the morning assembly from your books and many other transformational teachers.

They sent me their dream for a new school and the Chief Donated 100 acres of his own property to be for all the children of Fiji and the world. The Chief owns Tavarua and the property that the Shangri-La Fijian Resort is on as well.
The Chief believes in empowering his children (future students of the Centre of Excellence)with the financial education you have outlined and we are creating a place to make that happen.

I am surrounding myself with gifted people, like the master plan architect Mr. Jocelyn Mackay Calabasa Cal.who on a hand shake said "I'll help you build the new school" and others like him who have joined me in the vision of helping over 10,000 students in Fiji and many more here in the US for the future exchange program.
We are working towards the vision of the Ministry of Education and would like to have many more copies of the Cashflow game available to the students preschool-adults.

I gave them the 3 I purchased and played over and over with my children. I am looking for mentors who see that that by my actions I am applying the principles with integrity to serve the most people with their high good in mind and with the least amount negative outcome.

This school is a huge barnraising effort, everyone will participate in building the new school. and then the children will say "my dad built that!", my grandmother did that!", my brother and sister built that!".

We will have aan Olympic Training Center, Business, Marketing and Enterpeneural program as well as the Professional, Vocational and AG programs.
We are creating product lines for the market place. We have met with Bob Circosta and the Homeshopping network in Tampa Fl. about some of the productlines to be marketed via TV and the internet.

Our Impact from Social Networking is to provide clean water,food, education, Micro-loans and an International Market Place for products.
In the near future we also are planning on having the Pasadena Art Center Sr. transportation students to be participating in a competion to design a eco friendly train to replace the old sugar cane rail way system.
It will provide a market for their own sugar cane via fuel and public transportation system for the students and local people during the day and product and services during the night. From Nadi to the interior over 80 kilometers away.
It was from the dreams of the children to be more than they ever thought they could be.
We all want to say Thank you Robert.
Has your book touched our lives YES it has.
I hope you are proud of all of us. As a teacher seeing your students using real life applications of what you have taught
is most rewarding I'm sure you'll agree because we are a homeschool family. Respectfully yours, Carol Wachniak

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