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Merrie.Hargreaves - 7/15/2009 10:30:33 PM
I guess my biggest investment at this point while i am in the process of educating myself, is purchasing the cashflow game.
crowbait - 7/16/2009 2:25:56 PM
Cashflow vs CG, tax laws
Thankyou, you are an artist at clarifying "how the rich get richer". I am a long time investor of realestate by owner finance. Producer of beef, now that I'm aging, renting the ag land out...which has inflated so much it is overpriced to purchase more & cashflow. Purchased a mobile home park @ a probable market high. Used personal cash accoumulations to buy debt down to get property to cash flow.

From readers comments...I compliment them for their due diligence and flexibility.

What I have learned MOST from your teachings & what you have said:
The tax laws can affect our investments with the stroke of a pen. The current administration is out to "destroy" the capitalist opportunities we have had. Caution going forward...we are in a new and dangerous era.

Robert, please keep your blogs going, please educate us more in surviving government encroachment, growing wealth slowly in a regressive tax & investment climate.(rising interest rates, rising un-employment, rising taxes...asset devaluation)
Congratulations on a book of all-time!

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ebime - 7/16/2009 5:31:39 PM
I already have some money
I already have some money growing in stocks, but my main thing is that I want to invest in real estate for cashflow. Robert, your books (audio or paper format) have been a tremendous help in my understanding many things about real estate. I just received your latest (real real estate) and can hardly wait to dig in it!

Thank you so much for making this knowledge available! One day, I'd like to meet you and shake your hand. In a family or employees, you have no idea how hard it was to drop from that to become self-employed and then working towards businessman and now, investor. Your words were a continual comfort and a source of inspiration. :)
yhng - 7/17/2009 1:11:51 AM
My plan on investing for Cash Flow
Hi Robert,
I read your books since year 1998.
Since then I always want to be rich and want to invest in real estate. I just don't know how for the past 10 years.

Year 2005, I bought my very 1st unit of investment property. I made 2 mistakes,
1. I use too much of cost.
2. It's under construction unit.

Until September 2008, I got my 1st rental paycheck from this unit after it completed. I get positive cash flow, but this is due to too much of downpayment I have put in.

At the same month, I bought my 2nd unit of investment property.
I use the mininum of downpayment, and the most importantly I get positive cash flow too!

The amount of these 2 properties' rental is more than my basic salary.

After I read your 2 books - Increase Your Financial IQ & Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money, I have better understanding on what I want to do.

Before that I actually plan to sell my 1st unit in order to take back some cash for reinvest. Now I found that I do not need to do so. All I just need to do is -- refinance it.

I am waiting for the transaction of my 3rd unit.
At the same time go for my 4th unit, which is under negotiation.

One year ago, my plan is to buy 1 unit of investment property every 3 year. Before I reads the 2 books that I mentioned above, my plan is every year buy in 1 unit. Now is every year 2 units.

Thank you robert for your books.


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josh.rich26 - 7/17/2009 3:02:31 AM
Working, Resignation and MYOB
Your insights have been very enlightening. After reading your book on Investing, I've practically bought most of your previous other titles. My soon to be fiancé and I are now studying sound concepts, planning and slowly implementing.

I’m currently expanding a current food franchise. This was my number 1 major business failure last year, but finally now, with lessons packed from the experience, I’m able to better facilitate its controls.

In terms of investing, I’m a very service type a guy. So we’re developing our own food concepts for franchise. We’re also establishing real estate investment with application by next year. Both of us are teachers, so an education business is also in the works. As an IT person, I’m also currently developing a website that sells real estate on a near by island to where I currently live.

So in a nutshell, we’re gonna use our food business to buy our other cash flow generation assets.

Thanks for sound principles that are practical and applicable. I say sound, because I know a lot of them are rooted in Bible where Jesus is preached – not just Christianity.
Davo - 7/17/2009 3:03:48 AM
Investing for Cashflow
Hi My approach at the moment is very simple.

I own my modest home so I do not have a mortgage.
I drive and own a 1976 VW Beetle that is appreciating in value.
I keep my liabilities to a minimum- no Doodads except a surfboard which is mandatory!
I am educating myself about cashflow with Roberts books and other information.
The share markets hold an interest for me so I am learning how to leverage my money and use other peoples money to increase my cashflow by Trading.
The cashflow from this business will help me to invest in positively geared real estate investments that will generate more cashflow.
Intention to Re invest any surplus cashflow to increase my asset base in real estate or other assets that provide positive cashflow.
Then maybe I can get to drive and own that Maserati Quatre Porte that is the background of my computer desktop!
timony0708 - 7/17/2009 3:53:36 AM
Securing Cashflow
I own a side business called Advantage Products and Publishing that I plan on utilizing the B-I triangle to build it to all it can become which I feel will increase my cash-flow. I have a book called "Pulsed" that is already out there and I am working on creating a few more books and I realized from reading the Conspiracy I have a little more work to do in covering my assets; one is by getting a little more legal, which not only the utilizes Copyrights but the other items such as Trade Marks to cover my products even further by identifying my brand in the marketplace. I did not realize until reading your book how I was missing out on an opportunity to license my book for others to sell rather than just me creating the book and publishing through print-on-demand. In addition, I have two products that I am developing that I plan on getting all the legal I need to cover the product for its design as well as the packaging, Trade Marking and Eula (End User Licensing Agreements). The cash-flow from these ventures will be used to create LLC's/corporations to purchase multi-family real estate or businesses that have positive cash-flow respectively. As my cash-flow increases I will buy more commodities as Robert such as oil wells, gold, silver and other precious metals to diversify my portfolio. I hope to one day build companies to bring to market as an IPO. I dream BIG!
snowgirl - 7/17/2009 4:26:13 AM
Capital Gains? What's That?
My husband and I are 50 and 45, and all our lives we have worked for earned income. We have always had great credit scores. We made the biggest mistake of our lives when we bought a $1.5M home in Dec of 2006. We never should have qualified for the loan, and we never should have signed the paperwork. The payment takes up fifty percent of our income. After trying to sell for 6 months, we are nearly ready to walk away from our home that is now worth $1.1M. Continuing to make these gigantic house payments isn't doing anything to help us get cash flow. Is a great credit score that important anymore? We are actively working a small business to work toward gaining passive income and we are 14 weeks into the Rich Dad Coaching Program. We have learned a LOT about buying real estate and are getting closer every day to purchasing our first rental property.
evelynunez - 7/17/2009 6:10:45 PM
Investing Cash Flow
Well after making numerous financial mistakes and having to walk away from our home, my husband and I decided to leave all in the past and begin from scratch. It has been a difficult time, but we now have more knowledge and more understanding of how money works. I really wish someone had taught me these things earlier in life, thanks Robert for sharing your knowledge with us. We are still in the "learning" phase and have begun to plan our financial future. It will not be easy, as our credit is currently non-existent in this country; but luckily our credits in our country of origin is in good standing so we will using our cash flow to invest there. This will generate some passive income and give us time to recuperate our credit here.
aleksandram78 - 7/17/2009 6:39:08 PM
I have read many of your
I have read many of your books so far and I am very confused. It seems to me that everything I have been doing so far is wrong. I do understand all the concepts that you present in your books but it takes a lot of courage to change old ways of thinking. And I have done a lot of thinking recently and decided that I do not want to live on the edge of poverty any more. I have a huge debt however and absolutely no money. What is the first step?
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