The Four Main Causes of Negative Emotions

Date: 08-25-2009

Dear Conspiracy of the Rich supporters,

I am writing a new book on leadership development for entrepreneurs. The following is a sample from the book entitled The Four Main Causes of Negative Emotions. As a way of saying thank you for your support, I thought you might find this excerpt of interest. We will be sending you portions of this excerpt over the course of the next few weeks. Thank you again for your support of Conspiracy of the Rich. Look for the book to hit shelves wherever books are sold in September 8th, 2009. Enjoy the first installment.

Read the first installment...

Thank you again,

Robert Kiyosaki

Your Most Important Job...

Date: 08-06-2009

Your most important job is to change your negative opinions of yourself.

What setbacks and negative opinions in life have you had that you can use to empower rather than drag down your potential to succeed in life and financially?

In what way have you already done this?

Financial IQ Questions - Top 10 on

Date: 07-30-2009

My video interview with TIME Magazine has proven to be a big hit online.

Take a look and tell me, what Financial IQ questions do you have? Watch the video here.

How Has "Conspiracy of the Rich" Impacted Your Life?

Date: 07-06-2009

Now that we’ve reached the official end of Conspiracy of the Rich, what are your final thoughts about the book? How has it impacted your life, and what lessons have you learned?

Making Mistakes is a Great Way to Learn

Date: 07-06-2009

As stated, I believe making mistakes is a great way to learn. What are some mistakes you’ve made? What did you learn from those mistakes?

Creating Entrepreneurs, Not Jobs

Date: 07-06-2009

What are ways the government could go about creating entrepreneurs instead of just jobs?

Capital Gains vs. Cash Flow

Date: 07-06-2009

One of the most important concepts in Conspiracy of the Rich is the difference between capital gains and cash flow. Please share how you plan on investing for cash flow.

Your Personal Financial Team…

Date: 06-24-2009

Do you have a strong team in place? How did you go about putting your financial team together?

The Future Economy – The Results & The Meaning…

Date: 06-24-2009

After looking at the previous charts, what are your thoughts on the future of the economy? What do these charts mean for you?

The 8 Integrities & Your Personal Financial Integrity…

Date: 06-24-2009

After reading about the 8 integrities, do you feel you are in financial integrity? In terms of the 8 integrities, where are you doing well and where might you need to improve? Is there anything you would add to this list?

Setbacks & the Lessons You’ve Learned…

Date: 06-24-2009

Sometimes life’s best lessons come from our mistakes. Share with us your setbacks, how you overcame them, and the lessons you’ve learned.

Video Blog – The B-I Triangle…

Video Blog – The B-I Triangle…

Date: 06-24-2009

In Chapter 10, I mention the eight integrities of the B-I Triangle – along with that, I’ll be posting a video blog about those integrities and their importance for you or your business...

An Insider’s Look into the CASHFLOW Board Game

Date: 06-11-2009

video-1.jpgFrom Chapter 9, Robert provides an overview and insider’s look into the creation of the CASHFLOW Game – and getting out of the rat race!

Why Do Mice Have Small Balls?

Date: 06-11-2009


From Chapter 9, Robert explains his question of “Why do mice have small balls?” and the selling principle behind it.

An Insider’s Look into the Cashflow Quadrant

Date: 06-11-2009

From Chapter 9, Robert explains the Cashflow Quadrant – and the mindset that makes up each EBSI quadrant.

Why does the word “sell” have such a negative connotation?

Date: 06-10-2009

What do you think of when you hear the word, “sell”? Why do you think the word has such a negative connotation?

Mutual Funds – and the Fees they Charge

Date: 06-10-2009

What is your reaction when you see the relationship between returns from mutual funds and the fees that they charge?

“If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme”

Date: 06-10-2009

Dreams are important. Share with everyone your dreams and how you achieved or are going to achieve them.

Financial Fairytales & Living Below Your Means…

Date: 06-10-2009

What are some other financial fairytales that you grew up with? What are your thoughts on living below your means?

Money is Infinite...

Date: 05-27-2009

Please share with us the insights you’ve gained from discussing the ideas of this book with your friends...

We Can All Create Derivatives

Date: 05-27-2009

The secret to my success is using derivatives to create money out of thin air. Is this concept clear to you? Have you applied this in your life, and if so, how?

Becoming More Powerful

Date: 05-27-2009

How have words and your understanding of them impacted your life and your finances?

Mainstream Media and the Financial Crisis

Date: 05-27-2009

What is your opinion of the mainstream media and their coverage of the financial crisis? Whose interests do you think they serve? What news sources do you use for your financial information?

Video Blog - Robert's Response...

Date: 05-11-2009

video-3.jpgRobert responds to your discussion forum posts…

Ask the Author

Date: 05-11-2009

After reading the book, and participating in the project - do you have any questions for me? Anything you'd like to ask?

New Rule of Money #6...

Date: 05-11-2009

What does the New Rule of Money #6 – ‘Learn the Language of Money' mean to you?

Knowledge is the New Money

Date: 05-11-2009

'Knowledge is the new money' is my new mantra. What does it mean to you?

What's the name of the game?

Date: 05-11-2009

If you've played the Cashflow Game before, how did it help improve your financial intelligence?

Financial Advice for Average People

Date: 05-11-2009

What 'average advice' have you received?

Self Examination…

Date: 04-25-2009

How did you fare in terms of the "Self-Examination" and do you feel "financially satisfied"?

Capitalizing on the Economic Downturn

Date: 04-25-2009

Are you feeling optimistic or pessimistic in terms of your personal ability to capitalize on the economic downturn in attempts to find your own financial security and freedom?

Aftermath of the Crash of 1987…

Date: 04-25-2009

How did the Crash of 1987 affect you and your investments?

Is the Economy Coming Back?

Date: 04-25-2009

What are your personal thoughts on whether or not the economy is coming back?

Video Blog - Think Like a Champion

Date: 04-16-2009

video-4.jpgRobert reports in again, about the state of the Conspiracy, and Donald Trump’s latest book, Think Like a Champion.

Think Like a Champion - Foreword...

Date: 04-16-2009

Just recently I wrote a foreword for Donald Trump's new book, Think Like a Champion - so I thought I'd share part of that with you, now that his book has been released on Amazon... View the Book...

One of the benefits of working with Donald is observing him in action in real life. Over the years, I have gotten to know the real Donald, as well as the 'celebrity Donald.' I have found he is the same person…in fact he is actually bigger in real life than his celebrity.

Working with him, I have observed him thinking, then listened to his thoughts become words and his thoughts and words become actions. In most instances his thoughts, words, and actions are the same. Maybe this is why he is direct and blunt. He can be blunt because his thoughts, words, and actions are integrated, congruent, operating as one.

Many of us know people who are, actually, three people. They think one thing, say something else, and do not do what they say or think. I have observed these kinds of people, who are really three people, achieve limited success and live conflicted lives.

What are You Doing to Beat the Conspiracy at It’s Own Game?

Date: 04-15-2009

What are you actively doing to beat the Conspiracy at its own game? …to minimize the effects of the Fed on your personal financial situation?

What Topics Did You Most Relate To?

Date: 04-15-2009

Of all of the topics covered in the first part of the Conspiracy of the Rich, which could you relate to the most?

Most Intriguing, Surprising, Reassuring Topics…

Date: 04-15-2009

Of all the topics covered in the first part of the Conspiracy of the Rich, which did you find most intriguing? Most surprising? Most reassuring?

What kind of change do we REALLY need?

Date: 04-08-2009

In the section titled ‘Back to the Future’ my point is this: “Big bank robberies require political clout, and that is why our politicians have been slow to react to these bailouts. In a system so corrupted, how can there be change we can believe in?”

While that last question may be a rhetorical one, it's something worth stating. What’s your thought on the ‘system’ – and what kind of change do you think we REALLY need?

Who has more power?

Date: 04-08-2009

In the section on ‘Evolution of Money’ in Chapter 5, I explain how the government and Federal Reserve have had an effect on the Evolution of Money. So who has more power in your mind, Fed Chairman Ben Bernake, or President Obama? Why?

Financially ‘Dumbing Down’ – In the Media & Online

Date: 04-08-2009

In Chapter 5, I mention that “to diminish our natural financial smarts, we had to be financially dumbed down.” Have you seen any examples of this ‘dumbing down’ in the media, or online? Share links to what you've found...

Video Blog - How to Rob a Bank

Date: 04-08-2009

video-5.jpgRobert gives an introduction to Chapter 5, 'How to Rob a Bank,' and the next chapters coming up that cover the present and the future of the economy.

Video Blog - The Big Takeover

Date: 03-31-2009

video-6.jpgRobert addresses a Discussion Forum posting about a recent article in Rolling Stone Magazine, entitled "The Big Takeover" and provides an update on the writing process.

What is the objective of the Conspiracy?

Date: 03-31-2009

A frequently asked question is, “What is the objective of the Conspiracy?”


It seems to be that the conspiracy wants to weaken the US and it’s people. When the US is weakened, the world grows weaker. The purpose seems to get people to be weak and needy, looking to the government to save them. It is during times of economic crisis that more Socialized programs can take over our government. It happened during the last depression, when programs such as Social Security and the FHA, the Federal Housing Authority came into being. The FHA made it easier for more people to get into debt via a mortgage for their home.

Open Heart Surgery

Date: 03-31-2009

When I am interviewed for this book, I am often asked the question, “How did I get the idea to do this book?”

Since I was asked so often, I thought I would share it with you.

This book began in September 2008. I got the idea for the book as I was in the hospital recovering from open-heart surgery repairing a problem I have had since birth, two leaking valves. The birth defect almost kept me out of military school and flight school, but luckily, the problem was not severe enough to eliminate me from the academy or flying. The problem grew worse over the years and I finally agreed to have the valves repaired, but not replaced. Fortunately, my arteries are clear so the operation was limited to just the heart.

Have you ever had the same kind of life changing, eye opening event? Share your story...

AIG: Apocalypse Now

Date: 03-31-2009

As stated in Conspiracy of the Rich, the word apocalypse means the veil is being lifted or secrets are being revealed. My-oh-my, are secrets are being revealed.

I began writing this online book, Conspiracy Of The Rich, to point out that this financial crisis began a long time ago.

I wanted to point out that today’s financial crisis began with the Federal Reserve Bank being created in 1913, and that the Fed is not American, not a bank, and has no reserves. My point for writing the book is that the people that caused and profit from the crisis are the very people being asked to solve the crisis.

Discussion Forum Response to: "FinanciallyDisturbed"

Date: 03-27-2009

To: Financially Disturbed

Enjoyed your post on Suze Orman. It gives me an opportunity to expand on something that has disturbed me for years…and that is financial advice I personally do not agree with.

First of all, I have met Suze and she is a very gracious person. She is also very smart and successful. While I do not agree with her financial advice, I believe her advice has a target customer… a person the advice is appropriate for.

As some of you know, my financial writings have also come under extreme criticism. That is because my points of view on personal finance are not for everyone.

Chapter 4 Video Blog Posted

Date: 03-24-2009

video-7.jpgIn the latest video blog, Robert states an important question, "are you prepared for the coming depression" as an introduction to Chapter 4 of Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money - and addresses Ben Bernake's recent comments regarding Bonds & the U.S. Treasury.

Cash is King? Cash is Trash?

Date: 03-24-2009

(From Chapter 4, Page 7) What's your take on the next depression? Will cash be kind or will cash be trash? Why?

How are you preparing for the next depression?

Date: 03-24-2009

(From Chapter 4, Page 10) How are you preparing for the next depression? Share your story...

Share your story...

Date: 03-24-2009

(From Chapter 4, Page 11) Share your story, or the stories you've heard about the last great depression. What lessons did you - did they - learn?

Video Blog - Now Available!

Date: 03-12-2009

video-8.jpgI've started video blogging about this writing project - with my thoughts on some of the key topics, and responses to your feedback from the Discussion Forum. My first two video blogs are live, click on the 'Video Blog' tab to take a look.

The Name of the Game is Debt

Date: 03-12-2009

In Chapter 3, I mention debt and foreclosure. I personally feel sorry for these people facing foreclosure but I really think bailing them out is not the answer. I have been in a position where I have lost my possessions....but I view these losses as lessons. What are your thoughts?

Good Debt / Bad Debt?

Date: 03-12-2009

In Chapter 3, I mention the good debt concept. Do you feel comfortable with the good debt concept? And...what are your thoughts on this 'new rule' of money?

Debt, Money, Cashflow

Date: 03-12-2009

So much of the Rich Dad teaching philosophy is based on 'cash flow' and the concept is how I earned much of my wealth. After reading the Debt, Money, Cashflow section in Chapter 3, do you have a clear understanding of 'cash flow'.

The Conspiracy Against Our Money

Date: 03-05-2009

"The Bank Never 'goes broke.' If the Bank runs out of money, the Banker may issue as much more as may be needed by merely writing on any ordinary paper." I've used this rule from the game of Monopoly to set the tone for Chapter 3, The Conspiracy Against Our Money, to show just another example of how we've been misled in our financial education even in the most subtle ways.This is just one example from Chapter 3, but what other examples of financial mis-education do you see in your daily life?

Financial Realities We Live With

Date: 02-25-2009

In Chapter 2, I touch on Obsolete Ideas. Are there any other obsolete ideas that you see in society today, that I should add to the list?

What Does "Money is Knowledge" Mean to You?

Date: 02-25-2009

In Chapter 2 – The Conspiracy Against Our Education, I introduce the first of the 8 New Rules of Money, "Money is Knowledge". What does this new rule mean to you?

Chapter 2 – Just Posted!

Date: 02-25-2009

Chapter 2 – The Conspiracy Against Our Education, has just been posted. It's a pivotal chapter for this book, one that sums up what I've been trying to teach all these years. If you’ve already read it, what did you think of Chapter 2?

Chapter 2 - Available Next Week

Date: 02-18-2009

As I have been writing Chapter 2, I've realized what a pivotal chapter this will be for the book as a whole. This chapter sums up what I've been trying to teach for all these years - so, I'm giving Chapter 2, The Conspiracy Against Education, some additional refinement, and will have it up on the site for you to read on Thursday of next week. Please, stay tuned.

Right Book, Right Time

Date: 02-11-2009

This online interactive project really is the "right book at the right time". With over 4 million hits since the website's launch, the level of interest experienced, simply reinforces my belief that the world needs to be financially educated.

I have received feedback and comments from readers from all walks of life and from all around the globe. One of the most widely commented upon question in the Introduction dealt with financial education in the schools. I received comments from France, Japan, China, Africa, and the US just to name a few countries. In response, I have decided to dedicate the next chapter to address why I think money is not taught in schools. Be sure to look for your posted reader comments and questions!

In the interim, keep the comments and questions coming and stay tuned for next week's chapter posting.

- Robert

Chapter 1, Can Obama Save Us – Just Posted!

Date: 02-04-2009

Chapter 1 of Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money, has just been posted to the site.

Is Obama Just More of the Same?

Date: 02-04-2009

[Page 7] When considering the political background and banking ties of many recent Obama appointments, do you feel we are in for "more of the same" or is there really positive "change" on the horizon?

Your thoughts on the Federal Reserve?

Date: 02-04-2009

[Page 9] Is the Federal Reserve System as described a new concept for you? What are your thoughts on the Fed not being a "federal institution, not a bank, and . . . having no reserves"?

Executive Compensation for Bailout Institutions?

Date: 02-04-2009

[Page 10] What are your thoughts on the Obama administration's cap on executive compensation for those institutions that have received bailout dollars?

Taxes, Debt and Inflation...

Date: 02-04-2009

[Page 11] Are the three forces of taxes, debt, and inflation and their effects that cause people to work hard yet still struggle clear or is more explanation required?

Who handles your money?

Date: 02-04-2009

[Page 14] If you are like millions of others around the world and recently experienced significant losses in your stock portfolio, 401(k), or other similar accounts, did you subsequently changed your strategy in terms of how and who handles your money?

"Why are you giving this book away for free?"

Date: 01-28-2009

"I've been asked many times, 'Why are you giving this book away for free?'

There are three reasons for this. One, we all have paid too high a price for the lack of financial education in our schools and in our lives. The current economic turmoil we're dealing with is painful proof of that, and I felt compelled to try and do my part to help spread the word of financial literacy to readers everywhere without forcing people to dig into their wallets.

"The second reason is that my mission in life is financial education. That's what The Rich Dad Poor Dad business is all about, and I see this free online book as another way we can share our philosophy and educational resources with the world.

"The third reason is that I have been richly blessed. My rich dad gave me his knowledge for free because he cared about me and my future. I believe that as we have been blessed, we should bless others. To me, a free book to help in these hard times is my gift to you, and a personal tribute to my rich dad who also gave freely."

Conspiracy of the Rich – Introduction Posted!

Date: 01-19-2009

The introduction chapter, Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money, has just been posted to the site. You can read the Introduction, Can Obama Save Us, along with future chapter updates to come. Once you read it, tell us what you think.

Financial Education in School?

Date: 01-19-2009

[Page 1] Tell me about the level of financial education including in your schooling and note what part of the country or the world in which you attended school. Does anyone think there are schools out there which are actually doing a good job teaching this incredibly important subject to its students?

Nixon & the Gold Standard

Date: 01-19-2009

[Page 5] Pertaining to the gold standard and the President Nixon discussion, is it clear as to what exactly the gold standard is and why its abandonment in 1971 has profoundly impacted our current economic condition on a global basis?

The Old vs. The New Rules of Money

Date: 01-19-2009

[Page 7] When discussing the old vs. the new rules of money, what type of information are you looking for which will help you advance your financial well-being?

Introduction Chapter Feedback

Date: 01-18-2009

[Page 9] In keeping with the Rich Dad philosophy of keeping financial education as simple as possible, so far, have I succeeded in this intro chapter in presenting concepts, thoughts, and data, in an easy to understand format?