The Everyday Cash Heist

From Chapter 12, Robert gives a more detailed explanation on how your wealth is stolen, and why people struggle financially, in "the everyday cash heist".


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Gold & Silver Investments

Robert, along with friend, and author of the Rich Dad Advisor Book, Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver, Mike Maloney, explains why gold and silver are vital investments for today’s economy.


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Creating Infinite Returns Through a Real Estate Investments

Robert, along with friend, partner, and author of the Rich Dad Advisor Book, The ABC's of Real Estate Investing, Ken McElroy, explains the details of investing for infinite returns, and how he buys multi-million dollar properties, gets all of the money back, keeps the property, and pockets the cash.


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Creating Infinite Returns Through a Franchise Business Model

Robert, along with friend Kelly Ritchie, explains printing your own money through a business, and how to create infinite returns using a franchise business model.


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Creating Infinite Returns Using Paper Assets

Robert, along with friend and advisor Andy Tanner, explains using paper assets and options to create infinite returns and legally print your own money.


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Print Your Own Money – An Unfair Advantage

As an introduction to Chapter 11, Robert explains his ultimate unfair advantage in life – printing his own money and creating infinite returns...


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The 8 Integrities of the B-I Triangle

As mentioned in Chapter 10, Robert gives an in-depth look at the eight integrities of the B-I Triangle, and their importance to you or your business.


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Why Do Mice Have Small Balls?

From Chapter 9, Robert explains his question of "Why do mice have small balls?" and the selling principle behind it.


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An Insider's Look into the CASHFLOW Board Game

From Chapter 9, Robert provides an overview and insider's look into the creation of the CASHFLOW Game – and getting out of the rat race!


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